Faith Song Mission, Isaiah 12 Records & Studios, and Vital Force Publishing is a Christ-centered mission and ministry, developed in two specific areas: First, in production, publishing and release of Scriptural, testimonial, public and/or personal expressions of the Christian faith in each applicable, cross-cultural context, through music, audio, written and visual art forms; and second for support of research, teaching and/or information sources and outreach ministries.
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Faith Song Mission
Faith Song Mission is a contemporary Christian album project of what many have considered epic proportions. Opening with the Overture into the power prophecy Valley of Decision... closing to Dream and Prince of Peace- Godspeed- it is rock opera in nature weaving a tapestry of music style, gifting, and expertise with expansive, defined Scripture-based theology. This project engages Old Testament and New Testament prophecy and narrative, the ancient to post modern gifts bestowed from the Holy Spirit, and the emergence into the Sanctity of Life... a holistic, high industry standard work by Karen and James Johns. Karen was expecting their son Ezra Emmanuel throughout this entire recording project, while their son Gabriel James at age one, makes his debut on the final song.
1    Overture   ( Lyrics & Audio )
     The songs Overture and Dream (song 9) are passages from the same instrumental composition; Dream is a variation of Overture.
2    O, Come, O, Come Emmanuel / Valley of Decision    ( Lyrics & Audio )
     Adapted from the Old Testament Book of Joel KJV... let the Scripture, the voice - the opera - speak for itself!
3    One Leads To Life   ( Lyrics & Audio )
     Our Maker, our Redeemer, our Sanctifier, our King - God has no boundaries, no end - Maker of the universe, Redeemer of the universe, Sanctifier of the universe, King of the universe. This is one rockin' song inspired by and adapted from Isaiah 57:15; Matthew 5:1-12, 7:13-14; 19:16-30; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 7:50; James 4:6; I Peter 5:6-7; Revelation 7:13-17.
4    Daughters    ( Lyrics & Audio )
     Adapted from Ruth 1; I Kings 10:1-13; :Luke 1:26-38, 46-55, this is a narrative encapsulating the stories of five women in the Bible: Ruth, Naomi, Orpah; Queen Sheba; and the Virgin Mary. Karen's voice celebrates her ancient sisters, all of them, including the singer - daughters of God.
5    7 Angels, 7 Churches   ( Lyrics & Audio )
     Adapted from Revelation 2 and 3, this song is filled with the genuine 'Nashville sound', southern Gospel with a kick and an edge as the harp kroons with Karen's lead and backing voices.
6    Romans   ( Lyrics & Audio )
     Romans 15: 1-12 is pure ministry. This ballad performs like a film soundtrack... Karen's voice is radiant in passage throughout this Scripture, met with an eloquent violin.
7    Holy, Blessed    ( Lyrics & Audio )
     A soulful, funk-rock groove: one voice becomes 'the sisters'- groove singing- and one voice becomes the preacher- preachin' in Zeal for the Lord! Inspired from Genesis 1:1-2:1; Nehemiah 9:5-6; Psalm 95:1-2; Isaiah 17:10, 28:16-17, 40:26, 43:15; Jeremiah 16:19; Romans 12:4, 15:33; I Corinthians 1:8; Ephesians 2:8, 18, 5:2; Revelation 17:14, 22:12.
8    Ephesians   ( Lyrics & Audio )
     Scriptural adaptations from Ephesians 5; a blues torch - Karen's vocal forte over a rockin' blues band, this song is a command performance, ministering courageously to God's people; a bold reminder to 'walk forward in love and light in the Lord.'
9    Dream   ( Lyrics & Audio )
     An instrumental inspired by Joel 2:28, the minor prophet Joel, was a favored treasure of prophetic Scripture for Karen at the time this album was written, evoking much reflection of this post modern age and days to come. This instrumental is a variation of the first song Overture.
10    Prince of Peace   ( Lyrics & Audio )
     Scene by scene, this is the retelling of a wonderful dream Karen was given one morning just before waking. It was the kind of dream you don't want to end... a promise of the Kingdom we cannot yet see with our physical eyes. The dream was but a mere shadow that left an impression of all encompassing longing for Paradise. Related to Isaiah 11:6-7; Matthew 14:22-32, 28:20; John 10:14-16; I Corinthians 15:4; Revelation 21:10, 18, 22:1,5. Gabriel James Johns, Karen and James' son has a debut word herein and hereout.
Produced, written, and arranged by Karen L. Johns and James E. Johns.
Co-Produced and engineered by Scott Baggett.
Recorded at Sanctuary Sound, Battery Studios, and Omni Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.
Mixed at Battery Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.
Mastered by Scott Baggett and Open Door, Nashville, Tennessee.
Karen Johns- lead vocals, backing vocals, piano. James Johns- lead guitars, rhythm guitars, bass; Scott Baggett- lead guitars, rhythm guitars, bass, Hammond B3, percussion, electric keyboards, organ, and Melotron; Chad Cromwell- drums; Ken Moore- electric keyboards, synthesizer; Aubrey Haynie- violin; John Peyton- harmonicas.