Faith Song Mission, Isaiah 12 Records & Studios, and Vital Force Publishing is a Christ-centered mission and ministry, developed in two specific areas: First, in production, publishing and release of Scriptural, testimonial, public and/or personal expressions of the Christian faith in each applicable, cross-cultural context, through music, audio, written and visual art forms; and second for support of research, teaching and/or information sources and outreach ministries.
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Isaiah 12 Records is the record company that has released all contemporary Christian CD albums by Karen Johns Band, beginning with the band's title release Eternal Invitation, 1994; Faith Song Mission, 1997; the re-release of Eternal Invitation, 1998; Recompense, 1999; and the most recent Karen Johns Band CD album releases of Mercy River and Ballad of the Mission, 2004. These LP album productions render recorded band and solo performances from leading session players in Nashville and the international music industry.