Faith Song Mission, Isaiah 12 Records & Studios, and Vital Force Publishing is a Christ-centered mission and ministry, developed in two specific areas: First, in production, publishing and release of Scriptural, testimonial, public and/or personal expressions of the Christian faith in each applicable, cross-cultural context, through music, audio, written and visual art forms; and second for support of research, teaching and/or information sources and outreach ministries.
Faith Song Mission in cooperation with Isaiah 12 Studios (a professional 32-track digital, portable/mobile recording studio) sends cross-cultural missions for the purpose of research, recording and development of sacred/praise/worship music indigenous to that culture, as expressed within that culture's Christian faith community. All donations are used to fund these missions. We are currently producing a joint American/Canadian documentary film based on the sanctity of life; and in relation to this project, we are organizing a missions/ministry trip into Mexico to accommodate the full North American feature of this issue of the sanctity of life. Your donation is a welcome blessing. Please make all donations payable to Faith Song Mission, and mail your check or money order to:

Faith Song Mission
PO Box 60772
Nashville, Tennessee 37206 USA

You may purchase our CDs on-line at

If you would like to purchase CDs by mail, or mail in a donation, please indicate that in the comments box as you join our mailing list on-line. Thank you. God bless you and keep you.
The Sanctity of Life in the Womb
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